Lessons View

Quickly and easily plan student lessons. The instructor user has complete control of lesson creation in the Lessons View. Skynotes for private is based on the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and the Airmen Certification Standards (ACS). The tasks or maneuvers/procedures from the FARs and ACS are categorized into a three stage flight training program along with the ground school curriculum for the FAA knowledge test.

Amazing flexibility and convenience for both the instructor and the student. The instructor can choose tasks from any of the three stages to create a lesson, and add resources for the student to view before the lesson. The instructor enters the flight and ground time along with grading and lesson notes after lesson completion. This lesson is then complete and can be viewed at any time by the student.

Track student lessons and hours with the handy digital logbook. The student logbook feature gives the user another view of lessons that are requested, scheduled, and completed. In addition, the logbook feature tracks everything necessary for completion of the training program, including those flight and ground hours necessary for the FAA airmen certification and rating application (IACRA).

Use the calendar/scheduler feature to view or schedule lessons. The user can view all lessons or can filter lessons that are requested, scheduled, and completed. Instructors have the option to filter by student and grade, or edit the lesson. The option to schedule a lesson is always available to both the instructor and student users, though the student scheduling of a lesson is subject to instructor approval. Both the student and instructor can view the list of requested and scheduled lessons as well as completed lessons.

Tasks View

Stay on top of student progress. The Tasks View displays reports on student progress as they complete their required maneuvers and procedures. Users can view reports for task completion, stage completion, and tasks that are satisfactory, unsatisfactory and incomplete. This gives the student and instructor a quick statistical overview of their progress, and is incredibly helpful when a student transitions to another instructor. The new instructor can view the student’s tasks and quickly discover whether they were satisfactory, unsatisfactory or incomplete. This gives the instructor an accurate overall appraisal of the student’s training program, and helps when determining where to begin with the student.

FAR Requirements View

Verify FAR requirements met, and those that still need to be completed. In order to apply for a pilot certificate and/or rating, there are requirements that must be met according to FAR Part 61. Currently, FTT is focusing on Private Pilot certification for ASEL with requirements categorized as student and private. Users can view all requirements for their training program according to FAR Part 61 and track the completion of those requirements. Students can stay informed regarding what’s required as well as track the completed requirements. Instructors can view the completed requirements for each student and update as the student progresses through the program. This tool is also a great help when a student transitions to another instructor. The new instructor can view the student’s requirements and easily see what that student has completed or has yet to complete.

FAA Endorsements View

Have confidence that all necessary endorsements are current. Endorsements are an important part of a student’s flight training program. The Endorsements View includes all endorsements necessary for student and private pilots. Instructors must manage their students’ endorsements by choosing a student and type of endorsement, and then entering the information requested. Users will be given alerts as to recurring endorsements or those that will expire or need to be updated.

CFI Records View

CFI record-keeping made simple. According to FAR 61.189, a flight instructor must maintain a record in a logbook or a separate document that has the name of each person whose logbook that instructor has endorsed. Those include endorsements for solo flight privileges, and the date of the endorsement and name of each person that instructor has endorsed for a knowledge test or practical test. It also must indicate the kind of test, the date, and the results. Furthermore, each flight instructor must retain the records required by this section for at least 3 years. All of this information is kept securely and neatly in one place with the Records View.


A digital reference library for quick access to flight training resources for the student and CFI. The Resources Section is a collection of FAA handbooks, ACs, FARs, information manuals and additional flight training resources. Users can add aviation resources to enhance their flight training program.