Do you have questions about Skynotes? Check out our “frequently asked questions” below. You’ll probably find the answer you’re looking for!

What are the benefits to using the site for a school, student, or instructor?

Whether you’ve joined as a school, student, or instructor, our system is

  • The most economical product on the market
  • Accessible 24/7 from desktop to any mobile device
  • Offers a comprehensive flight training program with progress tracking and efficient record keeping stored in one place
  • Displays intuitive system design for a user friendly experience
  • Keeps students continually informed regarding every aspect of their training
  • Keeps instructors informed regarding students’ progress
  • Easily transfers students’ records to a new instructor
  • Keeps track of CFI records to comply with FAR 61.189
  • Tracks all flight training time for the student including IACRA totals

FTT also promotes a free ground school program through Pilot Training System which is accessible through the student’s profile page or resource page.

Do you only offer flight training management for the Private Pilot program?

Currently, the only product we offer is for the Private Pilot Airplane Single-Engine Land (ASEL) program. However, the next program will be for Instrument ASEL.

What if I’m not satisfied with the product during the 30-day free trial?

Our goal is your complete satisfaction! Please reach out to us if you are unsatisfied in any way, we are happy to help in any way we can! If you are still not satisfied, cancel your subscription before the 30-day trial expires by navigating to the account details and clicking on cancel. Please note that in order to use Skynotes as a school, you will need to sign up at least one of your instructors and one of their students. In order to use Skynotes as an independent CFI, you will need to sign up at least one of your students. For students, please make sure your instructor has signed up for the free trial too!

Is the program accessible from any mobile device?

Yes, the site is built responsively and you can login and access all of your account information throughout the site on mobile devices.

Can I still have access to my records after I complete the program?

Yes, students will receive a 30-day extension after program completion. At that time, you will receive an alert asking if you would like to purchase a subscription to continue using the logbook feature to log time towards additional certificates, ratings, currency and flight reviews.

Can I still purchase after the 30-day extension?

Yes, depending on when you renew, we will either re-activate your past account or you will need to create a new account.

How long are records retained without renewing subscription?

Currently, records are kept indefinitely, however we reserve the right to change our policy for inactive subscriptions and storage of data.

What does the student have access to? Instructor? How much control does the student have with their records?

With a student account, you have access to view all of your program content, update profile information, request lessons to be scheduled, and add resources to your resources page.

With an instructor account, you have access to your students’ records, scheduling and confirming lessons, updating profile information, creating and posting lessons, grading lessons, managing requirements and endorsements and adding resources to your resources page.

Is there a way to export my records once I complete my program?

We keep the records within our system for active & inactive accounts. However, if you wish to keep a copy of your records offsite, you must print off the appropriate information while logged into your account.

How do I know I completed the program?

If you have completed the program, you will see that your requirements have been checked off appropriately. Also, your endorsements reflect program completion along with a date and results.

As a CFI user, how do I import previous student records into the system?

Users can add previous student records by clicking on schedule a lesson and then using the lesson setup tool along with the grading tool. The user enters each record individually. FTT is working on implementing an “add previous records” tool to allow CFI users an easier way to enter previous flight training records for students who start using our system at various stages in their training. If you would like FTT to enter those records for you, we would be happy to do that!