Amy Labus-Olson, President Flight Training TechnologiesMy name is Amy Labus-Olson, and I am the president and owner of Flight Training Technologies, LLC. I am an educator by training, with a Master of Education-Professional Development degree. Prior to my work as a CFII, I taught for college and university intensive English language programs in the US and abroad.

I have used many web-based learning management systems and grade books in my career. I found these systems to be excellent for managing students. They organized information in a helpful way, and made student assessment and tracking easy and painless. These systems also made the data available to everyone involved in the student’s learning. That saved time and helped everyone work seamlessly toward one goal.

These tools are almost unknown among small business flight schools. Most of their record keeping is done on paper, and so these records are often unorganized, incomplete, hard to read, and even hard to find. This leads to poor student management, which is bad for the student and bad for business.

What’s more, many CFIs are transient, and their students must often switch to new instructors during flight training. These transitions can be hard for both the student and their new flight instructor. Relying on a hard to decipher logbook for information about the student’s prior flight training makes smooth transitions even harder.

I knew something had to change. Students needed a more professional flight training experience, and that change had to begin with flight training management.

With that goal in mind, I began work on SkynotesFlight Training Management Web App. Designed especially for Part 61 flight schools and independent CFIs, our app has everything the user needs for success in their flight training program. It even tracks their progress and lessons!

Like you, my goal is to keep students and instructors informed and engaged in the flight training program from start to certified. (No matter how many CFIs they may have throughout their training!)

I’m excited about our app, and trust you will find it as useful as I do!