My Story

My name is Amy Labus-Olson and I am the sole owner and president of Flight Training Technologies, LLC, which I founded in September 2015. I am an educator by training with a Master of Education-Professional Development degree. Prior to becoming a CFII, I taught for college and university intensive English language programs both in the US and abroad.

Through my experience as an educator, I encountered a variety of paperless grade book programs as well as web-based learning management systems. I found managing my students through the use of these software products and web-based systems to be incredibly effective, informative and accessible to everyone involved in the students’ learning. Unfortunately, these management systems are nonexistent in the small business flight school environment. During my flight training and instructing, I noticed a lack of effective flight training management. The majority of record keeping for small business flight schools is paper based. Often these records were unorganized, illegible, incomplete and inaccessible. Also, unfortunately flight instructing is a revolving door for many CFIs. Therefore, the student and new flight instructor have very little information to go on regarding the student’s prior flight training other than a logbook which oftentimes is illegible and poorly managed. As a CFI, I experienced and witnessed my fair share of training mismanagement and therefore, overall lack of professionalism in the flight training environment.  As a dedicated educator, I knew something had to change to create a more professional experience in the flight training environment and that change was going to start with flight training management.

So, I set out to develop a web-based product to efficiently manage and track students in their flight training programs for small business flight schools and independent CFIs. I created an electronic flight training record that contains not only everything the user needs to know about their flight training program and how to successfully complete it, but also tracks their progress and lessons. My goal is to keep students and instructors informed and engaged in the flight training program from start to certified no matter how many CFIs they may have throughout their training. I’m excited about this product and hope you find it as useful as I do!