• “The Standard in Flight Training Management Systems”

    Manage, track and train your way from start to private pilot certified with FTT’s new web app.

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Easy to Use. Affordable. Comprehensive.

FTT Sets the Standard in Mobile Flight Training Management Apps

Great flight training involves more than just skill as a pilot and teacher. It also requires you to stay on top of the organizational and administrative details, like recordkeeping, scheduling, and endorsements. With FTT’s new Mobile Flight Training Management App, you can focus on your students’ progress instead of their paperwork.

Why use the FTT Mobile Flight Training Management App for your students or flight school?

Everything you need in one place: All your students’ information, easily accessible 24/7 from any computer or mobile device

Feature-rich design: Includes calendar/scheduler, flight and ground curriculum with lesson setup tool, FAR requirements checklist, FAA endorsements checklist, maneuvers and procedures completion chart, flight training logbook, CFI records logbook, and aviation resources to customize and enhance your student’s flight training program.

Free ground school: FTT mobile app users have access to Pilot Training System’s online ground school course at no cost

Whether you’re a student, independent flight instructor, flight school, or flight club, FTT’s Mobile Flight Training Management App is the perfect solution for all of your training needs.


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